Freitag, 2. November 2007

Speeding up Konqueror

Upgrading from Kubuntu Feisty to Gutsy didn't work for me, so I've installed Gutsy from scratch. As Konqueror still was far slower than Firefox, especially for sites with many images like GMX or Xing, I started to search again for solutions. Here's what I found out, and now Konqueror is nearly as fast as Firefox for me:

  • deactivate IPv6, otherwise IPv6 DNS queries will happen that can result in timeouts when some servers don't support it yet: append KDE_NO_IPV6=true to /etc/environment

  • install a local DNS cache, as Konqueror/KDE doesn't implement it (in contrast to Firefox): I'm using pdnsd, see here for installation instructions.

  • Konqueror uses a disk cache by default, the directory is /var/tmp/kdecache-username/http. I found out that the directory had root:root ownership for my installation, I have no idea how that happened. After chowning back to my user, the directory is now used as expected.

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