Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

Building NSIS on Linux amd64

NSIS is an open source scriptable installer for creating Windows setup files that can also be run under Linux to produce .exes. You can even install it using sudo apt-get install nsis. But I needed a version that creates a log file when installing, so I had to compile from the sources myself. I faced some problems, as I didn't find any good documentation for an amd64 system, so here's what I did additionally to the steps described here:

  • sudo apt-get install g++ gcc-multilib g++-multilib

  • edit SCons/config.py and set the variable NSIS_CONFIG_LOG to yes

  • scons SKIPSTUBS=all SKIPPLUGINS=all SKIPUTILS=all SKIPMISC=all NSIS_CONFIG_CONST_DATA_PATH=no PREFIX=/home/stefan/opt/nsis-2.43 install-compiler

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